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A proudly Australian owned and family operated business, we have been making great tasting cheese and yoghurt for over 15 years.


Our mission is to produce the best quality dairy products, using traditional recipes that our customers have come to love.


We pride ourselves on the consistently great tasting products we produce and will never sacrifice on quality.


Pot set yoghurt versus other methods of making yoghurt 

Pot set yoghurt is the way many Europeans have made yoghurt for generations. At Village Yoghurt, we believe this method produces the best tasting yoghurt possible. This also results in our yoghurt being much firmer than some yoghurts in the market, allowing you to use it for many applications such as recipes, dips and simply mixing with fruit 

Where can I find Village Cheese and Yoghurt ?

Our most popular Village Natural Yoghurt 2kg is now located in selected Woolworth stores in both QLD & VIC. For other locations, please send us an email with your location and the yoghurt you are looking for. We will get back to you with the nearest stockist asap.

Why does my yoghurt have a cream layer on top ?

Reminiscent of times past, where cream in our milk bottles used to rise to the top, our Natural Yoghurt is non-homogenised which will form a creamy top on the surface of your yoghurt. This layer makes a decadent taste which is both rich and creamy

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