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4 Benefits of Yoghurt!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Rich with vitamins, charged with minerals and superpowers - yoghurt is the unsung superhero of the food world!

1. Helps strengthen bones and supports growth

Yoghurt is concentrated in absorbable calcium, making it one of the best advocates for strong bones and teeth. Just one cup of yoghurt contains approximately half of your daily calcium needs! It also contains key nutrients like vitamin D, potassium and phosphorus, which all aid in preventing low bone density - osteoporosis.

2. High in protein

Full of protein, yoghurt is the perfect snack to give you energy and sustenance to keep you going throughout the day. The body uses protein to repair and replenish cells and is one of the main components for growth of muscles and bones.

3. Heart

Research shows that yoghurt and many other dietary products have been shown to reduce high blood pressure. This is fantastic for your cardiovascular system, contributing to a healthier heart.

4. Weight management

Yoghurt has been known to act as healthy snack alternative and pre-gym snack for many health advocates. This is because the consumption of yoghurt is positively correlated with lowered hunger levels, helping you feel fuller for longer.The proteins in yoghurt increases production of hormones to conjure this feeling, making it an excellent snack!

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