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Benefits to Feta!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Incorporating Feta into our diets opens up the opportunity to increase the amount of nutrients we consume, such as calcium and protein.

In todays blog, we give a quick rundown of why Feta can be of benefit to you!

It can support bone health

Feta cheese is a good source of calcium, phosphorus and protein — all of which have been linked to promoting good bone health. Consuming calcium and phosphorus together (in particular) can improve bone density and osteoporosis prevention!

Excellent source of calcium

Incorporating cheeses like Feta into your diet could help you achieve the recommended daily intake of calcium. For adults aged between 19 to 50 years of age is 1000mg/day is the recommended intake.

Great for gut health

Fermented foods like Feta contain probiotics, which is a friendly bacteria that helps promote a healthy gut and support the immune system, in addition to fighting off infection and disease.

Research suggests it can lower the risk of diabetes

Feta contains CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) which can help reduce the risk of diabetes. Researchers have also found that protein and calcium can help control the body’s blood sugar levels, in turn, lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

Although they're benefits to Feta, like any healthy diet, balance is key. Thankfully, Feta definitely has a place in a healthy diet but intake is key!

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