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A Guide To Choosing A Healthy Yoghurt

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

You know yoghurt is healthy, but if you’re digging a tub of frozen yoghurt everyday thinking that you are doing your health a favour, stop for a sec. The truth is, not all yoghurts are healthy (and sorry to break it to you, but frozen yoghurt is not really yoghurt either).

Here’s what to do in the search for a healthy yoghurt.

Check the sugar content

Avoid added sugar, including those with fancy names you have no clue what they mean such as sucralose, aspartame and maltodextrin. Fruit flavoured yoghurts often contain sweeteners rather than real fruits, so try to stick with natural flavoured ones. Ideally, look for yoghurt with less than 15 g of sugar and more protein per serving.

Check for unnatural additives

Carrageenan, flour, vegetable oils, artificial flavours and colours, and milk powder are some additives in yoghurt you may want to avoid. Squeezable yoghurt targeting kids often contain a lot of these additives and sky high sugar content, so choose the plain old scoop-able yogurt if you’re trying to stay healthy.

Be careful of those labeled “low-fat” or “fat-free”

Low-fat flavoured yogurts contain thickeners to compensate for the fat removed and artificial sweeteners to help with the taste. The result is highly processed yoghurt that can be as high in sugar as regular desserts. Low-fat yoghurt is also low in nutrients, so go for the full-fat non-flavoured ones for the full health benefits.

Go for organic yoghurts

If you see organic, grass fed, pasture raised and full-fat, go for it. These terms suggest healthy yoghurts that contain healthy fats such as Omega-3 and CLA, and vitamins such as A and D. These should have no added sugar and contain only around 3 ingredients.

Village Dairy yoghurt contains no artificial ingredient, added sugar, gluten or gelatin, making it perfectly healthy. Don’t forget to grab some of our products at your local supermarket today!

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