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Prebiotic's vs Probiotics: What they are and why they matter.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Gut health is still going strong as a health trend of 2019, but if you’re new to it, these two terms might confuse you a bit. Despite similar spellings, the two play different roles for your digestive health. This blog explains what you need to know about them.


You may be familiar with the term, mostly because it’s all over the dairy section. Probiotics are friendly bacteria similar to those we already have in our gut that can be found in fermented foods such as yoghurt and cheese. By consuming probiotics foods, you directly add good bacteria to to the population of microbes in your digestive system, resulting in better digestive health. Beyond good digestion, these live microorganism was found to improve your mental health, heart health, and even give you a better looking skin.

Here is a list of the probiotics food you may want to eat more for your gut health:

  • yoghurt

  • kefir

  • gouda, mozzarella, cheddar and cottage cheese

  • kimchi

  • sauerkraut

  • kombucha tea

  • pickles


Not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics are fibres that serve as food for the healthy bacteria in your gut. The fermenting of the non-digestible part of high-fibre foods you eat increases the number of good bacteria in your guts, giving you better digestion. Prebiotics are associated with good gut health, less antibiotics related illnesses and can be found in some fibre-rich vegetables, fruits and grains.

Here is a list of healthy prebiotics foods you may wan to add to your diet:

  • garlic

  • onions

  • leeks

  • asparagus

  • bananas

  • barley

  • oats

  • apples

  • flaxseeds

  • seaweed

Maintaining the right balance of healthy microorganism in your intestines links to better physical health, mental health, immunity and more. For an easy way to take care of your gut health, don’t forget to add Village Dairy yoghurt to your diet.

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