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Get to know our Ayran yoghurt drink

What is Ayran?

  • Ayran is a Turkish yoghurt drink

What ingredients are in the Ayran yoghurt drink?

  • Ayran is made up of natural yoghurt, water and salt

What is Ayran famous for?

  • In Turkey, it’s a healthy, thirst quenching, summertime favourite to cool down your body

How is Ayran best served?

  • Best served chilled, Ayran goes well as an appetiser with grilled meats and rice

Want to know an interesting fact about Ayran?

  • Ayran makes a great post-workout replenishment to help your body recover quicker by replacing the salts & minerals and immediate hunger pangs

The salty goodness of Ayran is a taste you might need to get your head around. However, once you’ve acquired the taste, you’ll wonder why you waited for so long to try this Turkish favourite!

Sources: Daily Sabah, Turkey’s for Life, Village Dairy

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