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Get to know our Premium Pot Set

Our Premium Pot Set Natural Yoghurt has a balance of tartness with a rich and creamy finish.

Because of its smooth texture, it is delicious in recipes or straight off the spoon. This premium recipe sets itself apart from other Natural Yoghurts in the market through its authentic flavours, no added sugars and smooth texture.

We are proud to share that it has won silver at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards in 2019 for the 1kg tub of Premium Yoghurt

What are the health benefits?

Our Premium yoghurt is made with no artificial colours, flavours, no added sugars and no gelatine nor gluten. Suitable for vegetarians, this yoghurt is packed with protein and calcium too!

Immunity benefits!

Consuming yoghurt on a regular basis can improve one’s immune system, credited to the probiotics contained. This helps to reduce your likelihood of contracting an illness, even something as minor as the common cold.

Other health benefits...

  • Calcium contained in premium natural yoghurts can reduce the likeliness of osteoporosis development

  • It may protect against heart health due to the number of saturated fats

  • Yoghurt may help you reach and maintain your ideal weight by promoting abdominal fat loss, the most challenging area for dieters to lose weight

Our Premium pot set comes in 4 sizes (, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg buckets).

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