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Our award winning Ayran

Our award winning Ayran is not only refreshing and delicious, but it is recognised and loved by people all around the globe for its health benefits and taste.

Ayran is a cold savoury yoghurt based beverage that is mixed with salt. It is popular in Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and the middle east particularly in Lebanon and Syria. Yoghurt drinks are also popular beyond the Middle East region of the world and has been likened by several in the South Asia. In the summer months in Turkey and along the mediterranean coast temperatures score to 40s almost everyday. Summer is a popular time for Turks to drink up on Ayran. They say that the yoghurts properties help cool down overheated bodies while salt replenishes those salts lost during sweating. Ayran is known to be the non alcoholic national drink in Turkey.

Ayran is served chilled and is often an accompaniment to grilled meat or rice. Ayran is made by mixing yoghurt with chilled or ice water and is sometimes carbonated and seasoned with mint. Ayran has been described as dilutes yoghurt and a refreshing drink made by mixing yoghurt with ice water. Ayran is said to be sold almost everywhere that serves drink in Turkey, including fast food chains such as Mcdonalds and Burger King.

Ayran has high quantities of protein and calcium, therefore it aids the health of bones and teeth. Bodybuilders who need large amounts of protein and calcium also drink Ayran instead of the manufactured powder mixes and protein supplements. Since Ayran does not consist of any sugars it is also a suitable drink for dieters and a great alternative to lots of sweet and sugary loaded beverages.

The body needs healthy bacteria in its digestive tract to function normally and Ayran provides this because yoghurt is a probiotic food. This type of bacteria is also beneficial for removing toxins from the body and aiding upset stomachs.

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